Learning the Game

Hockey is one of the most complicated sports to learn. Not only do you have to learn to skate, but you have to gain a hockey sense. You have to learn the how, what, where, when, and why of hockey. Every situation has a different choice a player has to make that will always result in a different outcome. Classes help beginning players gain a knowledge of the game and skills to play the game. Private lessons help these players learn healthy habits, improve at a faster pace, and work on the specific individuals weaknesses.


Off Ice Hockey 101 Classes

  •  Group sessions (3 or more participants): $8.00 per child/per session
  • Two participants: $12.00 per child/per session
  • Private session: $20.00 per session

* Sessions may vary in length. Classes will last 45 minutes to 1 hour a majority of the time. This will depend on various factors, such as age, attention span, and program content. Sessions may also be conducted at other locations than the Polar Ice House in Cary & Garner.